Investigate, Inform, Improve

Complex health matters require a thorough investigation

Good Nutrition is a cornerstone to good health

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Identifying a condition or disease is an essential first step to managing a patient’s health.


Conventional medicine offers sensible approaches to treat patient health concerns.


Complementary medicine offers benefits to health management that are beneficial.

Investigate, Inform, Improve

‘Investigate, inform and improve’ describes the approach we take in the care we provide to our patients. Unfortunately many family doctors don’t have the time available to them to fully explore what is really going on with a patient’s health, especially in more complex or difficult cases. As a result, it makes it difficult to inform the patient about what is really going on and ultimately take action to improve their health.
At Nutrition Medicine we understand that managing a patient’s health care management takes time. It’s not uncommon for a first appointment to last up to four hours. We work best with people who have more complex health matters. Often our goal is to help the patient achieve their optimal health, depending on their personal circumstances and situation. If you require a thorough investigation and dedicated approach to your health management, please make an appointment with our receptionist.

Welcome to NutritionMedicine

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my practice. Most of the patients that I see have persistent health issues that require a greater level of investigation than the service normally provided by their Family General Practitioner. For this reason, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my own journey, philosophy and approach to patient care

What is Nutrition Medicine?

Nutrition Medicine is a combined medical-nutritional approach based on an evolving scientific framework that views physiological and biochemical disturbance as a prime causal factor in the development and progression of disease. From this perspective, each person has a unique pattern of metabolic activity and nutrient requirements that depends on their genetic inheritance and the impact of internal and external environmental factors on gene expression and activity.

This Nutrition Medicine approach seeks to investigate the disturbances in body chemistry, caused by nutritional imbalance, resulting from improper diet, food sensitivity reactions, gastrointestinal dysfunction, inflammation and environmental toxic agents, which are contributing to the patient’s illness. Once identified, nutritional balance can be restored with informed dietary and nutrient supplement protocols, integrated with ongoing medical treatment, to improve patient health outcomes.

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