Sample meal plan

Sample meal plan


start the day with a cup of Japanese Green Tea and grated Ginger


Protein: 2-Egg omelette with added ham or chicken or ham and eggs or steak and eggs or fish
Fibre: tomato, shallots or onion, capsicum, mushroom, zucchini  ~plus~
Starch: 1 slice of gluten-free or wholegrain/high-fibre bread
Fruit: 1 serve (50g) or a small serve of tinned fruit in unsweetened natural juice

10 am – Japanese green tea and ginger
Rice crackers (3-4) with sliced egg  or salmon and avocado

1 pm – 1 serve of protein-rich food
Protein: Seafood (fresh or tinned), poultry or meat with
Fibre: salad with grated carrot-beetroot-apple, plus tomato and avocado and lettuce, mushrooms, celery and mungbean sprouts etc.
Salad dressing: olive oil, vinegar with egg yolk or garlic and herbs or dairy-free mayonnaise
Starch: Basmati rice or rice and/or corn thins (50g)

3 pm – Japanese green tea and ginger
Dried figs( x2) + nuts (x 5-6)

evening –  6 pm – at least one food choice from each row:

Protein : Seafood or poultry or lean meat
Fibre: Minimum 150 g: unlimited range of veges available :-
cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, choko, beans, carrot, celery, choko, capsicum,
onion, leeks, zucchini, button-squash, pumpkin, parsnip, turnip,  spinach, silver beet, bok choy
Starch: maximum 50g : potato, sweet potato, peas, butternut pumpkin, beetroot
rice or rice noodles, wholegrain pasta or wheat noodles or bean noodles

Japanese green tea with ginger,
SPC Fruit with coconut cream and liqueur (1 tsp)

MUST drink approx. 2 to 2.5 L / day ( 8 – 10 cups)
soda / mineral / tap water: ** tap water must be filtered (e.g. BRITA)
** flavour with lemon, Angostura bitters or fruit juice:
Herbal teas: lemon soother, Calli tea, Rooi tea
low tannin teas: Madura and Formosan – no milk – Japanese green tea preferable

Herbs and spices are generally OK if used in small amounts:
Onion, garlic and ginger and curry
Tomato paste (Leggo’s): small amounts
Tamari [wheat-free]: (instead of soy sauce)
Dashi (instead of stockcubes) – Campbells Liquid stock – Massel stock-cubes
Tamarind and lemon or white vinegar (instead of brown vinegar)
Salad dressings (natural ingredients: Norganic and Haines, Best Foods mayonnaise)
Sweetening: use Splenda or Xylitol

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