Sample meal plan

Sample meal plan

Suggested Meal Plan

ON WAKING: start the day with a cup of Japanese Green Tea & grated Ginger


Protein: 2-Egg omelette with added Ham/Chicken or Ham & Eggs or  Steak & Eggs or pre-cooked fish/chicken finely sliced and sautéed briefly in stock with julienned vegetables;

Fibre: tomato, shallots/onion, capsicum, mushroom, zucchini , carrot ~plus~

Starch: 1-2 slices of gluten free or wholegrain/high-fibre bread or gluten-free /natural muesli  with no added sugar (50g) with yoghurt (rather than milk), nuts, seeds, coconut, dried fruit, lecithin granules (1-2 tbs) and;

Fruit: 1 serve (20g) or a small serve of fresh or tinned fruit in unsweetened natural juice


 Japanese Green tea & Ginger

Rice crackers (2-3) with sliced egg , salmon/sardines,  avocado or caviar

LUNCH: 1 pm

1 serve of protein-rich food

Protein: Seafood (fresh or tinned), poultry or meat with:

Fibre: salad with grated carrot-beetroot-apple, plus tomato & avocado & lettuce (and or other leafy greens), mushrooms, celery & mungbean sprouts flavoured with lemon juice, balsamic/apple cider vinegar or tamari;

Salad dressing: olive oil, vinegar with egg yolk or garlic & herbs or dairy-free mayonnaise;

Starch: Basmati rice, rice/corn thins or other type of bread (50g).

MID-AFTERNOON: 3 pm – Japanese Green Tea & Ginger

Dried figs( x2) + Nuts (x 5-6) or same as mid morning

DINNER: evening –  6 pm – at least one food choice from each row:

                Protein : Seafood or poultry or lean meat (liver meat is recommended once a week)

Fibre: Minimum 150 g: unlimited range of vegetables available:-

e.g., cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, squash, scollapini, carrots, celery, cos/ lettuce, onion, choko, green beans, mushrooms, mung bean sprouts, tomato, raw beetroot, avocado, bok choy, pak choy, endive, chives, leeks,  spinach, silverbeet, parsley, kale, radishes, kohlrabi , fennel, olives, asparagus, string beans, sauerkraut, dill pickle, bamboo shoots, cucumber,  tomato, aubergine (eggplant), capsicum, paprika, cayenne, pepper, chilli, ginger, garlic, onion and other herbs

Starch: maximum 50g : potato, sweet potato, peas, butternut pumpkin, beetroot
rice or rice noodles, wholegrain pasta or wheat noodles or bean noodles or legumes (chickpeas, lentils, splitpeas, greenpeas)


SUPPER:               Japanese Green Tea with ginger,

Optional: Fresh/SPC Fruit with coconut cream  or yoghurt or nuts


DRINKS: MUST drink approx. 2 – 2.5 L / day ( 8 – 10 cups)

soda / mineral* / tap water: ** tap water must be filtered (e.g., BRITA) to remove chlorine and toxic metals such as lead, aluminium and copper.

** flavour water with lemon, Angostura bitters or 100% fruit juice.

*Mineral water: The level of calcium and magnesium should be higher than the level of sodium (read the label)

Herbal teas: lemon soother, Calli tea, Rooi tea, chamomile, peppermint

Low tannin teas: Madura & Formosan – no milk

Other teas:  Japanese green tea preferable or white tea

Coffee: Drink less than 3 cups/day. Coffee substitutes (e.g., dandelion/chicory coffee are fine). Steam decaffeinated coffees are preferred.



herbs & spices are generally OK if used in small amounts:

Onion, garlic & ginger & curry

Tomato paste (Leggo’s): small amounts

Tamari [wheat-free]: (instead of soy sauce) or Worcestershire sauce

Dashi (instead of stockcubes) – Campbells Liquid stock – Massel stock-cubes

Tamarind & Lemon, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar or white vinegar

Salad dressings (natural ingredients: Norganic & Haines, Best Foods Mayonnaise)

Sweetening: use Xylitol, Splenda or Norbu

Alcohol: Wines and liquors are more suitable than beer.

Maximum limit:  3 glasses/day for men and 2 glasses/day for women

Suggestions:  always keep roast chicken and ham off the bone in your fridge (for easy snacking)

If you are experiencing adverse affects on this diet, consult your health care practitioner to check for digestive problems and or food/chemical sensitivities.

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