Type 1 diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is also called juvenile onset diabetes and insulin dependent diabetes’. Without insulin the body burns fats for energy, which results in too much ketones also called diabetic ketoacidosis. Untreated,

Type 1 diabetes accounts for 15% of people with diabetes and, unlike Type 2 diabetes, is not preventable.You can inherit a tendency to develop Type 1 diabetes, but many people with the problem have no family history.

The exact cause of Type 1 diabetes remains unknown, but a complex interaction between genetic environmental factors appears responsible. Approximately 35% to 45% cases are genetic and siblings have a fifteen-fold increased risk for developing Type 1 diabetes.Links have been found between Type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease, asthma, other autoimmune diseases, and a family history of autoimmune endocrine disease.

In addition, several contemporary studies report that enhanced infant hygiene and growth also contributes to the development of Type I diabetes. These findings suggest that environmental factors influence genetic disease susceptibility by altering immune system function.

Endocrinologists believe that a genetic tendency and environmental factors, such as an enteroviral infections, increase the risk of developing Type 1 diabetes. Studies from Europe, Finland, and New Zealand have reported increased Type I diabetes in relation to the consumption of cows’ milk in infants, or too much cows’ milk. Viral infections and childhood vaccinations (Hepatitis B, rubella and Haemophilus), particularly in children who carry the high-risk HLA antigens, are also linked to diabetes.

Risk factors for Type 1 diabetes:

  • Family history of Type 1 diabetes
  • History of enteroviral infections


A person with Type 1 diabetes has a much higher risk of developing heart disease, stroke, arterial disease, high blood pressure, and kidney failure. By following a healthy eating plan, making time for physical exercise, and taking insulin, a person with Type 1 diabetes can lead a normal life.

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